And Then She Exhaled

So many times as women we tend to do so much. We work ourselves to the bone; whether its at work, home and anywhere else. We rarely find time to Woosaaah and take a moment just for ourselves. That is because there is so much pressure on the woman out there, from society and all around. We have to be perfect; the perfect employee, the perfect supervisor, the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect daughter, the perfect sibling and the perfect friend. That’s not even counting many other aspects that we have to attain perfect for too. There is too much emphasis on perfection.

Sometimes its not even society its us, we want to achieve the state where everything has to be a certain way, and its madness I tell you. Often I have found myself scrambling about; getting home from my 8-5 job, cleaning, washing baby, cooking etc. But I have a supportive husband who does his bit and I am still drowning! Thank God for the gift of multi-tasking, without it so much would not be done. That being said, I sometimes Exhale. I take a break, sit in the mess my daughter has created in the lounge, laugh at the juice that was spilled last night on the kitchen floor, and I embrace all of it. I embrace the mess and accept that sometimes even superwoman deserves a break.

When last did you Exhale? Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air. take in your surroundings and let go of the pressure, the goal towards perfection. When last did you take a breath to laugh, not just a little giggle but laugh hard, so hard that you feel like your ribs would crack? See sometimes life just get busy, and you have to take a moment just for you.

So ladies lets ditch trying to be too perfect, sometimes its okay to take time just for you. Sometimes its okay is the house isn’t squeaky clean or the laundry basket is full of clothes. As long as you have a happy husband, happy child, just be happy too even if it is for a second. After all we are women and the pressure we put most in on ourselves!


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So just today even if its for a second, Just Exhale. 



©2017 Sharon. M




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