When someone breaks your heart, honey just go right ahead and crack that baby open. Show them the bit you tore just for you. Afterwards... Rebuild it... Grow... Heal yourself, mend that heart all by yourself. And when the next someone comes around, make sure you have healed enough for you... So that you can find... Continue Reading →

Gender Based Violence (GBV)

So I have been a bit AWOL, my apologies! I had the honor and privilege of attending a two day workshop last week hosted by Petlo Literary Trust and sponsored by THC (Tebogo Horatius Carter) Foundation and Stanbic Bank Botswana. (Thanks again Cheryl)! It was an eye-opener for me, you know sometimes you 'know things'... Continue Reading →

Introducing Dintle Shirley

So there is this young lady I know who calls me her role model (I have had another wonderful lady calling me that before - Aysha 🙂 I see you boo)! So it still amazes me how little ol' me can be a role model, it makes me want to be better, want to be... Continue Reading →

So she writes…

She puts pen to paper daily, writing it all out. All the emotions she feels, the thoughts pushing through her, she lays them on that piece of paper. She can not communicate them properly, so she writes... Some days she cries, as the tear drops fall, they blot the ink. She does wipe it, it's... Continue Reading →

Past the pain

When the curtain of darkness falls, its hard to see past the pain. To see past the dark shadows, shadows that threaten to destroy you. That threaten your happiness, How do you manage to see past it all? The highs are always a joy of pure ecstasy, like a beautiful roller coaster ride. But oh... Continue Reading →

My Heart

When I first laid eyes on you you were kicking off those blue hospital sheets. Looking all sorts of light, just like daddy. Just one look at you, and my whole world was illuminated. Had I even lived before I had her? In her, I found all the answers. The answers to all the questions... Continue Reading →

Those Left Behind

I see their faces, haunted faces, faces that have seen death, faces that know loss. They are bowed down, probably praying. The woman's lips are moving like Hannah's with no sound coming out. These are the ones that have been left behind. Their expressions are hard and soft too, hard when the remember what they... Continue Reading →

Keep the Faith

She cries out in the daytime, and is not silent in the nighttime. The problem is keeping everything together, in a broken world. If the world is broken, chances are it will break her. Break her just as easily, till she fades in to nothingness. So she cries out. HE who is close to the... Continue Reading →

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