Keep the Faith

She cries out in the daytime,

and is not silent in the nighttime.

The problem is keeping everything together,

in a broken world.

If the world is broken, chances are it will break her.

Break her just as easily,

till she fades in to nothingness.

So she cries out.

HE who is close to the brokenhearted will hear her.

HE will heal her,

HE will restore her.

HE can not fail,

So even when HE seems silent,

and it hurts, oh it hurts!

She will remember Job; loyal Job.

She will remember most importantly The Lord Jesus Christ,

who endured the cross, despising the shame.

HE who is the author and finisher of faith,

and promised that because He has overcome the world so will she.

So she will keep the faith.

She will not stray, even when the night seems unbearable.

She will continue to cry out,

and know that HE who is able and has promised,

will bottle up her tears and hear her.

She will keep the faith, even when it hurts.

She will keep the faith to the very end.


pic credit:

Happy Reading.



© 2017 Sharon. M



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