My Heart

When I first laid eyes on you

you were kicking off those blue hospital sheets.

Looking all sorts of light, just like daddy.

Just one look at you,

and my whole world was illuminated.

Had I even lived before I had her?

In her, I found all the answers.

The answers to all the questions about why parents are the way they are.

Why even when their children abuse them,

they allow it.

Why they stay,

and keep giving those children

third, fourth, fifth chances…

Why they let their children hurt them.

Looking at Sunshine,

I knew she owned me now.

(To some degree…)

And in that hospital bed I forgave my parents everything!

They had always done what was best,

I never agreed with some decisions,

now I knew.

Mama you were right.

Papa you were spot on.

I cried for the many times I broke their hearts,

(Which was rare… I was a good child.

My brother calls me the beacon of example).

My world was recreated as I watched her,

she looked at me.

Welcome to the world Sunshine!

She blinked, as if she understood.

We slept that night,

side by side.

Well… She slept, I just watched her.

Afraid I would roll on her by mistake.

In that moment,

a baby girl was born,

a mother was born too,

(so was a father :)).

She is my heart,

My little person,

My minion,

My Warrior Princess,

My Everything.

14 Months now my angel,

you still steal my heart every time.

I love you unconditionally,

I pray for you everyday.

My heart…


pic credit:



Mommy xo

© 2017 Sharon. M


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