Past the pain

When the curtain of darkness falls,

its hard to see past the pain.

To see past the dark shadows,

shadows that threaten to destroy you.

That threaten your happiness,

How do you manage to see past it all?

The highs are always a joy of pure ecstasy,

like a beautiful roller coaster ride.

But oh the Lows!

The lows come in spades,

they are a like a hole of darkness.

Where bleak meets hopelessness.

Like a never ending pit of darkness,

that snatches away everything.

Next time try look past the pain,

reach the curtain that lies between

hopelessness and hope.

Dare to open it and look beyond the lows.

Dare to be brave enough,

dare to radiate joy even in the darkest night.

Then right there,

in that transitioning space between hope and the lack thereof,

see how you change.

See how the Lord will work within you,

and bring you victory through the battle.

How he will sustain you,

and crown you an overcomer.

Then… Only then  will you see that

trials bring patience,

Trials draw you closer to HIM.

And trials destroy self, they destroy the ego and the pride.

And as Paul says,

“He must increase but I must decrease.”

And then you will slowly die to self,

and be renewed.


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© 2017 Sharon. M


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