So she writes…

She puts pen to paper daily,

writing it all out.

All the emotions she feels,

the thoughts pushing through her,

she lays them on that piece of paper.

She can not communicate them properly,

so she writes…

Some days she cries,

as the tear drops fall,

they blot the ink.

She does wipe it,

it’s a memory… a piece of her.

Some days she scrawls through,

rushing through her thoughts…

On these days she is hurried.

Some days she sighs,

breathing deeply,

pausing to compose the words running in her mind.

She can not tell a soul,

so she writes…

She can not escape that this is who she is,

so she writes.

She pours everything out.

On that paper she leaves bits of herself,

she leaves splashes of her personality.

On the good, the bad, the mild days

she writes.

On her worst days,

she writes.

This is who she is…

Pen & Paper.


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© 2017 Sharon. M


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