Introducing Dintle Shirley

So there is this young lady I know who calls me her role model (I have had another wonderful lady calling me that before – Aysha 🙂 I see you boo)! So it still amazes me how little ol’ me can be a role model, it makes me want to be better, want to be better. It makes me humbled and look to Christ more. 

It has been awhile since we crushed on any writer. So today we will crush on Dintle.

She wrote 2 beautiful pieces dedicated to me and my Sunshine (Warrior Princess Daughter). Find them below. Enjoy!



how ever much you want to.


because you can.


till you can.

Because one day,

you shouldn’t regret,

not smiling enough.

So Smile…



Sunflower grow around me,

following me around the sky.

It is heartwarming to see it,

reaching it’s goal.

I am a sunflower,

happiness is my sun.

I find my way to reach it.


Thank you Dintle for your contribution, and very sweet poems for Miss A and I. 


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