Becoming Myself

So here I am,

hurt and disappointed.


I can barely breathe because I am in disbelief.

What happens when your heart collides with your insecurities?

Can you still achieve your dreams?

Does fear have to own you?


I refuse to let fear own me,

but deep down I know that fear has my heart.

I am afraid,

I feel small,

and because of that…

I found myself thinking

Can I effect change?

Can I achieve those dreams?

Reach my full potential?

And finally Maslow’s ‘Self Actualization?’

I don’t know…

But want I do know is this… I am going to TRY.

Even if I fall,

even if it hurts,

I will keep on trying.

Life is about growth,

and finally find the courage to become oneself.

So everyday, I am becoming myself.


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© 2017 Sharon. M


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