Welcome Winter

Those who know me will tell you that I am one of those people who has a love – hate relationship with winter (mostly hate). The layering of clothes, endless laundry, always feeling cold; if you are like me. You would take forever to warm up! If you are in Botswana, you know winter is not really winter, its more like cold morning, warm/hot afternoons and cold evenings. The climate is weird like that most times, the sun is out during the day, and you always feel the fool for layering up so much…. Now the sun is out and you have all these clothes on?!

The month of June is Setswana is called Seetebosigo (literally meaning: don’t visit at night). So this means buy nighttime everyone should be all snuggles up in their bed, in their house not out visiting and disturbing those who wish to be in bed haha!

But there are times I love winter. Times when you have hot chocolate, dipping in marshmallows and snuggling to a really great movie/series or book. I love a good cup of hot chocolate! Or those time when it’s hot steamy popcorn, and books/movies again! Or maybe you have a few human pillows who keep you warm at night (in my case husband and daughter! Yay me!)

Well winter is upon us, and it’s time to say bye to my almost non-existent social life *sniff-sniff* And snuggle up tight. Thanks to a very good friend of mine (I see you Dix) for the hot chocolate and the uber-cool mug, I am all set for winter, nix-makopo (please don’t ask me to share because I won’t LOL).


pic credit: google.com

After I have a cup of hot chocolate, can we please fast forward to summer? Thanks!



© 2017 Sharon. M


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