Natural Hair (Naturalistas)

They call us messy and nappy. They knight us unruly, unprofessional looking and label our hair as ugly!

They don’t know that we do not care because we define ourselves! We embrace our roots roots and find a home in our natural hair. We love the kinky coily, the soft curls and hard hair. We claim our rightful inheritance by wearing our hair in it’s natural state.

This more than a movement,

This is more than a revolution,

It is a being,

An acceptance of oneself.

This is US!




Pic Credit: Karabo LeBron Peter M.

Starting from this week I will be celebrating fellow naturalistas all over the globe by publishing their journeys here on MsLyricwriter. I am thankful for the time they took to answer All my questions, and for sharing their lovely pictures. This is definitely a sisterhood type of thing for me, when I see a naturalista on the street I stare in awe, when all I want to do is run up to them, hug them and behave as if we have known each other forever.

PS: Shout Out to my brother Karabo for the logo! Thanks for looking out, I am in your debt!

If you’re a naturalista and would like to be interviewed email me at

Please Read, Like, Comment, Share and Enjoy! Maybe you will be convinced to join us!



© 2017 Sharon. M



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