Naturalista: Top Four Groups to JOIN

Tomorrow we will have our FIRST interviewee! YEEK!!! Are you as excited as I am?! I doubt it because I am literally doing heart somersaults. I am so EXCITED about this Natural Hair Series, it makes me smile whenever I think about it.

But that’s not what we are talking about today. Are you on Facebook? Is that a YES? Almost everybody is on Facebook these days! If you are a new natural or even an old natural today I am covering the Groups to JOIN. We are never too young or too old to learn new things! The groups below are the ones I find most helpful (I am sure there are others out there).

  1. Afrodite WhatsApp Group.These ladies are EVERYTHING. The love in this group overwhelms me all the time, and may I say I feel soooo blessed to have you all in my life. Can we be friends forever? Here we share the hair, the personal, the highs, lows, events. I can not live without this ladies (Looks at Luwi!)
  2. NHBots (Natural Hair Botswana) created by the amazing Fify Loewen

The ladies in this group answer your questions patiently, the advise accordingly. Someone always has a solution to any situation you maybe going through. We also crush on each other’s natural hair, though there is a FroFriday thing, we love seeing your hair everyday.

3. South African Naturals

This group is simply amazing! There are people from all over the globe and sitting at more than 59K members you can imagine the sort of diversity it encompasses. You will never be short of any answers to your questions.

4. It’s All Natural created by Maxine & Bryce Arnold

This group embraces all naturalists from everywhere, there is no problem too small or too big for them to assist with. Questions are answered with love, almost like a sweet old grandmother giving you advice, that’s the type of love you can expect there.


So what are you waiting for? Request to Join at have the knowledge at your fingertips.


pic credit: Karabo LeBron Peter M.

Till tomorrow!!! Exciting times ahead my people. If you are interested to be interviewed, please let me know.

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2017 Sharon.M


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