Naturalista: In’utu Situmbeko (Zambia)

YAAAAY!! It’s that time again! So I couldn’t wait for the whole seven days! I’m sure you couldn’t either. I have heard complaints from the Afro-Dites *your cries have been heard*

Our second interviewee is IN’UTU! She is one of those ladies from that number one group to join I have been raving about– Afrodite baaaby! 


pic credit: In’utu. S

Question One: Why did you choose to become a Naturalista?

I.S: I love the texture of 4C hair and it’s versatility.

Question Two: Did you big chop (BC) or transition: 

I.S: I big chopped.

Question Three: Why did you choose that route?

I.M: Because I preferred to have healthy hair over long hair.

Question Four: What did you discover about going the natural route?

I.S: Well I looked like a boy because the shrinkage with natural hair is so real.

Question Five: What would you have done differently? Do you regret the decision?

I.S: I wouldn’t have done anything differently. No regrets.

Question Six: Please share your regimen.

I.S: I wash my hair with shampoo after 2-3 weeks. I usually run some water into my hair in between wash days to keep it moisturized, then I coat it with either coconut/ olive oil and lock in that moisture with Shea butter/ gel (LOC method). I repeat this after every 3-4 days.

Question Seven: What are your three hair staples?

I.S: Water, conditioner and moisturizer.

Question Eight: What is your go to style?

I.S: Afro.


pic credit: In’utu. S

Question Nine: Who is your celebrity/otherwise hair crush?

I.S: I am not into this sort of thing, but for the purpose of hair inspiration, I will say Pamela (from the Afro-Dite group).


teaser pic: Pamela (look out for her interview sooooon)

Question Ten: What are the most memorable moments of being a Naturalista?

I.M: When I tied a high puff for the first time.

Question Eleven: What has surprised you most about going natural?

I.S: The complex maintenance.

Question Twelve: What is the most common question people ask you about your hair?

I.S: Why don’t you blow dry your hair? (To straighten it).

Question Thirteen: What does being a Naturalista mean to you?

I.S: Embracing my curls!


pic credit: In’utu. S


One: The one thing people don’t know about you?

I.S: The one thing people don’t know about me is that I’m not very confident.

Two: Favorite hobby/hobbies?

I.S: Watching anime.

Three: Three things you can’t live without?

I.S: My phone, a natural environment and my family.

Four: If you could have a meal with anyone (passed away or alive) who would it be? What would you eat?

I.S: I would pick 5 of my closest buddies, we would have pizza and just hangout.

Five: If you had one super power what would it be?

I.S: Reading minds.

Thank you so much Inny for taking the time out of your schedule to answer all these questions, it was wonderful having you! Till next time.

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did. Look out for the interview in a week’s time (or less, I am a bit unpredictable as you can see)!





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