Naturalista: Kasela Kalebwe (Zambia)

Hi hi!!! How has everyone been doing? It's been a whirlwind here. Always busy but we are here again doing another interview! Today we will be interviewing Kasela Kalebwe. She is like a sister to me, and grew up before my very eyes in Botswana. Then she moved back to Zambia for tertiary and has... Continue Reading →

Naturalista: Mwenya Fundafunda (Zambia)

Hi TheLyricwriter readers! I'm back again with another smashing interview. I hear you asking "How come you never post anything else these days?" Well to answer your question, I am just busy. Crazy busy, I basically live off chaos, plus my internet connection can be haphazard. But I promise to be back with more articles... Continue Reading →

Naturalista: Nala Lahru (Zambia)

Hey hey! It's your girl again. Back today with yet another smashing interviews! PS: I love love love natural hair, I really can't stress this enough. Today we are interviewing the vibrant NALA! Did I mention that she is fire? This girl writes, takes pictures, and loves books. In her own words she is a... Continue Reading →

Naturalista: Noni Siziya (Zambia)

Let's get EXCITED! Another interview is going up!!! *Whoop Whoop* You guys have no idea how happy I get when a new blog post goes up, the mood is always Lit!!! So next up is NONI! Super chick, friend of anime and an all round naturalista. Noni is a member of AfroDite tooo!! *bonus points*... Continue Reading →

Naturalista: Tshepo Phokoje (Botswana)

So I am here again, just a girl making posts about natural hair. I will be putting up some more interviews today. This always makes me happy! Because I am a Naturalista through and through, and meeting like-minded people always makes me happy. Let's jump right into it! So today we are interviewing with TSHEPO!... Continue Reading →

Naturalista: Inny (Zambia)

Double dose Tuesday. That is what's on the menu today! So we keep rolling just cause we can, and because we are natural like that! The next interviewee is INNY. A loc'd sister, And yes she is from that larger than life group. You know the one? That houses my wonderful group of super ladies –... Continue Reading →

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