Naturalista: Tshepo Phokoje (Botswana)

So I am here again, just a girl making posts about natural hair. I will be putting up some more interviews today. This always makes me happy! Because I am a Naturalista through and through, and meeting like-minded people always makes me happy. Let’s jump right into it!

So today we are interviewing with TSHEPO! She is my friend we met last year at a Writer’s event and we gelled like edges and Eco-Styler, like most edges do!

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-29 at 8.29.54 AM

pic credit: Tshepo. P

Question One: Why did you choose to become a Naturalista?

TP: I have had natural hair for at least 15 or so years now and the decision wasn’t so difficult. I was never a ‘girly’ girl so relaxed hair exhausted me in some way.

Question Two: Did you big chop (BC) or transition:

TP: I Bc’d *hehehe*

Question Three: Why did you choose the BC route?

TP: I was just tired of maintaining the relaxed hair, plaiting it etc.

Question Four: What did you discover about going the natural route?

TP: It’s low maintenance. Be it cost or time, you can actually save money on being a naturalista.

Question Five: What would you have done differently? Do you regret the decision?

TP: No regrets whatsoever and I don’t intend on going back.

Question Six: Please share your regimen.

TP: I have dreadlocks now though they are only a few months old. They are my second set by the way. I was and twist them with wool monthly. I oil my scalp with a combination of coconut oil and Indiana hair food (tubed).

Question Seven: What are your three hair staples?

TP: Coconut oil, sunshine and air.

Question Eight: What is your go to style?

TP: Dreads in a bun.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-27 at 8.25.38 AM

pic credit: Tshepo. P

Question Nine: Who is your celebrity/otherwise hair crush?

TP: Jackie Hill Perry.


pic credit:

Question Ten: What are the most memorable moments of being a Naturalista?

TP: Getting stares from strangers (like how does she keep her hair so beautiful and rich) LOL.

Question Eleven: What has surprised you most about going natural?

TP: How many people who are not envying it already.

Question Twelve: What is the most common question people ask you about your hair?

TP: “How do you keep your hair so healthy?”

Question Thirteen: What does being a Naturalista mean to you?

TP: That I am in control of this ship; hair wise. And that I have a patience tester on my head.


One: The one thing people don’t know about you?

TP: That I am able to find things that are so hidden from me… Revelations typa thing.

Two: Favourite hobby/hobbies?

TP: Dancing and poetry.

Three: Three things you can’t live without?

TP: My kids, my laptop and a notebook + pen.

Four: If you could have a meal with anyone (passed away or alive) who would it be? What would you eat?

TP: Jackie Hilly Perry. We would eat whatever she has cooked.

Five: If you had one super power what would it be?

TP: To see the future before my heart breaks.

Contact/Follow Tshepo on:

Facebook: Tshepo Phokoje

Blog:  I am just Tshepo. But one day I will have a page/blog with a more catchy name!

Thank you so much Tshepo for FINALLY gracing the blog. I am still waiting for that article! It was absolutely amazing having you on the blog, an added bonus that you are repping BW too.





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