My Heart

When I first laid eyes on you you were kicking off those blue hospital sheets. Looking all sorts of light, just like daddy. Just one look at you, and my whole world was illuminated. Had I even lived before I had her? In her, I found all the answers. The answers to all the questions... Continue Reading →

Missing Baby

Its been officially 11 days since my warrior princess was away from me, *insert teardrop* We have never been apart from each other for even a night, so I was like pshew! I can handle this, I have lots of things to do without baby requiring to be fed, hugged, kissed, carried, washed, dressed, nappy... Continue Reading →

One year today!

Whoop! Whoop! My Princess is officially 1 year. I am a mother to a toddler now? Scary thought but it fills my heart with so much joy. For Miss A I look at you, And wonder just how much love the human heart can hold, Every second, Every minute, Every hour, Every day, Every moment that... Continue Reading →

Counting down to 1 Year

My little angel will be 1 year in just 7days! I am so excited for her, she is growing bigger and mentally too, reaching different milestones everyday. A HUGE part of who I am is being a mother, and she has taught me that the human heart Always has space for more love. Everyday I... Continue Reading →

In her eyes

She opens her eyes early in the morning, Gets up on tummy time and proceeds to sit down. Then she smiles at me, Clapping her hands at the same time. So much light in her eyes, You can see she is so excited to be up. I scoop her up in my arms and say... Continue Reading →

My Heart

Last year my heart walked out, Right out of my chest. It blinked at me with two small eyes, Legs that kicked those hospital blue blankets fiercely. My heart did not even cry.   Last year my heart walked out, My heart begin to grow, Right before my eyes it grew. It learnt how to... Continue Reading →

Sleeping with eyes wide open

I can not remember the last time I really had a good night sleep... It was probably a year ago. Since then it's been a roller coaster ride. Half nights peeing in the loo, or feeding baby, calming her down, putting her back to bed after she had woken several times. It is exhausting, I... Continue Reading →

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