Those Rats!

I have these friends, that I have known since forever. They eclipse over the moon and dance in it's moonlight. They whisper with the wind and  cause enough chaos to turn the Earth on it's axis. We will probably be friends forever, because we are not bound only by our past, but our present and... Continue Reading →


When someone breaks your heart, honey just go right ahead and crack that baby open. Show them the bit you tore just for you. Afterwards... Rebuild it... Grow... Heal yourself, mend that heart all by yourself. And when the next someone comes around, make sure you have healed enough for you... So that you can find... Continue Reading →

Past the pain

When the curtain of darkness falls, its hard to see past the pain. To see past the dark shadows, shadows that threaten to destroy you. That threaten your happiness, How do you manage to see past it all? The highs are always a joy of pure ecstasy, like a beautiful roller coaster ride. But oh... Continue Reading →

Those Left Behind

I see their faces, haunted faces, faces that have seen death, faces that know loss. They are bowed down, probably praying. The woman's lips are moving like Hannah's with no sound coming out. These are the ones that have been left behind. Their expressions are hard and soft too, hard when the remember what they... Continue Reading →

Some Days

Some days are like a baptism of fire It's hard just to get up Just the thought of getting out of bed hurts Thinking of what lies ahead   Some days are like a battlefield I wake up all wounded from yesterday's battle But yet I have to take on another battle I have to be... Continue Reading →

Homesick for Heaven

How beautiful Heaven must be, Where there are no tears, There is no sun because the Lord Jesus shines brighter than anything man has ever seen. I leave all my troubles in this world, and live to ever praise and worship Him. I am homesick for a place I have never been, some days I... Continue Reading →

Be You!

Hey there you... Yes you gorgeous, or are you a handsome? Whichever you are, I am here to tell you that you are a wonderful being. You have a purpose on this Earth, and you need to find it. There is a very special reason why God put you here, and if you have not... Continue Reading →

I Can’t let go yet…

When the times comes, will I be able to let go? Is there ever a time to let go of someone? There can't be... My grandfather has been dead for over a decade, My grandmother too. But I still hold them deep in my heart. There were like jewels in my life, shining and sparking... Continue Reading →

Losing Baby

She touched her stomach, Silently and gently, Speaking in a low undertone to her unborn baby. Mommy loves you baby. You are my everything. Baby woke up and kicked a little, Like saying - I love you too Mommy. She smiled sweetly. She pressed a flutter of kisses to the stomach. Weeks passed, Every day Baby... Continue Reading →

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