Naturalista: Fiona (Zambia)

Happy Thursday! It's about to be the weekend and that means fun-time, you-time, unless you have to work on a Saturday, then sorry! Today on the blog we have the creative, funny and witty FIONA! And yes she is a member of Afro-Dite in case you were wondering! Pic credit: Fiona Question One: Why did... Continue Reading →

Naturalista: Chitalu (Zambia)

Hi y'all! It's about that time again when we have another natural hair interview. Today we have the lovely CHITALU! She is funny, sweet and has a great personality. She also gets bonus points from being from that oh so amazing natural hair group - Afro-Dite.  I will forever be talking about this group! Pic... Continue Reading →

Naturalista: Kasela Kalebwe (Zambia)

Hi hi!!! How has everyone been doing? It's been a whirlwind here. Always busy but we are here again doing another interview! Today we will be interviewing Kasela Kalebwe. She is like a sister to me, and grew up before my very eyes in Botswana. Then she moved back to Zambia for tertiary and has... Continue Reading →

Naturalista: Mwenya Fundafunda (Zambia)

Hi TheLyricwriter readers! I'm back again with another smashing interview. I hear you asking "How come you never post anything else these days?" Well to answer your question, I am just busy. Crazy busy, I basically live off chaos, plus my internet connection can be haphazard. But I promise to be back with more articles... Continue Reading →

Naturalista: Nala Lahru (Zambia)

Hey hey! It's your girl again. Back today with yet another smashing interviews! PS: I love love love natural hair, I really can't stress this enough. Today we are interviewing the vibrant NALA! Did I mention that she is fire? This girl writes, takes pictures, and loves books. In her own words she is a... Continue Reading →

Naturalista: Noni Siziya (Zambia)

Let's get EXCITED! Another interview is going up!!! *Whoop Whoop* You guys have no idea how happy I get when a new blog post goes up, the mood is always Lit!!! So next up is NONI! Super chick, friend of anime and an all round naturalista. Noni is a member of AfroDite tooo!! *bonus points*... Continue Reading →

Naturalista: Tshepo Phokoje (Botswana)

So I am here again, just a girl making posts about natural hair. I will be putting up some more interviews today. This always makes me happy! Because I am a Naturalista through and through, and meeting like-minded people always makes me happy. Let's jump right into it! So today we are interviewing with TSHEPO!... Continue Reading →

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