So she writes…

She puts pen to paper daily, writing it all out. All the emotions she feels, the thoughts pushing through her, she lays them on that piece of paper. She can not communicate them properly, so she writes... Some days she cries, as the tear drops fall, they blot the ink. She does wipe it, it's... Continue Reading →

Keep the Faith

She cries out in the daytime, and is not silent in the nighttime. The problem is keeping everything together, in a broken world. If the world is broken, chances are it will break her. Break her just as easily, till she fades in to nothingness. So she cries out. HE who is close to the... Continue Reading →

Not the Ring

He packed all his stuff today, Saying how he was not man enough for me. Then he started with the, 'it's not you, it's me' line. That was when I slapped him, Thwack! I didn't mean to, but I had to. He was questioning my intelligence. That he could be so bold... So forward... It... Continue Reading →

On the Other side of the Rainbow

Compounded by feelings of darkness, everywhere I turn I feel lost, I feel like I failed all the tests. Now I am failing the exam, overwhelmed by the struggles and numerous obstacles. So many closed doors slamming in my face, am I not worthy? How do I get to the other side of the rainbow?... Continue Reading →

His Birthday

Its his Birthday today, He who I don't know where I begin, And he ends. He whom i have known for 9 years. He is my One, He is my Soulmate, My Playmate, My Husband, My Once in a lifetime, My Everyday kind of man. Its his birthday today, The father of my child, My... Continue Reading →


I am a Woman. Gorgeous, bold and beautiful. Brains are part of the package too!   I am a Woman. An African woman. With natural hair that frees my soul, leading me to embrace the legacy of my ancestors.   I am a Woman. Made from Man. Extracted from his rib-cage. Mothusi. Not meant to... Continue Reading →


She enters the room Regal and Elegant, All clad to the nines. Making me look at me Doubt myself Wondering... Am i dressed for the occasion? My faded tee shirt And best skirt that, Seems to have gone out of season Months ago when the hashtag was a thing My hair all tucked into a... Continue Reading →


With this invisible breath on my lips I breathe out the past things i breathe in the change O' touch me again Lord You have been so good to me So Faithful and Kind The wind has a difference in it Everything seems new again New Season New changes The sky is brighter with the... Continue Reading →

Near me….

I find great comfort in Your Word And when we have conversations i fear You near Just like You are next to me Like i can touch You And You can hold me I do not know whats wrong i do not know why i sit in this Church pew Sniffling and Struggling To hold... Continue Reading →

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