Welcome Winter

Those who know me will tell you that I am one of those people who has a love - hate relationship with winter (mostly hate). The layering of clothes, endless laundry, always feeling cold; if you are like me. You would take forever to warm up! If you are in Botswana, you know winter is not... Continue Reading →

Becoming Myself

So here I am, hurt and disappointed. Bruised. I can barely breathe because I am in disbelief. What happens when your heart collides with your insecurities? Can you still achieve your dreams? Does fear have to own you? No! I refuse to let fear own me, but deep down I know that fear has my... Continue Reading →

And Then She Exhaled

So many times as women we tend to do so much. We work ourselves to the bone; whether its at work, home and anywhere else. We rarely find time to Woosaaah and take a moment just for ourselves. That is because there is so much pressure on the woman out there, from society and all around. We... Continue Reading →

Counting Down to 30!

I wrote a previous post about turning 30 here. It was an eye opener to me, to discover, I maybe a little scared but I know I am ready. Life always has responsibilities and the older you get, the more they get. By now I have learnt one important word prioritize. You will always be pulled... Continue Reading →

Fear (Part II)

When you search Google for the word FEAR, the search shows that FEAR is actually an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. This makes one think, because in actual essence, What is fear? Fear is an illusion, it's something that is uncertain that we ware usually afraid of. It colors our imagination and can rule our mind. Think. Is it... Continue Reading →

Road to 30

I'm writing the post almost petrified (not really)! I just like to scare myself. The idea of turning 30 means a whole new decade, MORE Adulting, scariness and that I am no longer in my 20's. I don't know whether to cry, laugh, be glad I'm rid of the ridiculous 20s, feel my age all... Continue Reading →


My brother and I were talking the other day. About Fear how it enslaves anyone who lets it, its almost as if it reaches up and threatens to choke you to death. People are afraid of many things. I was swimming at a hotel one day, and met a man, a grown man who told... Continue Reading →

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