Losing Baby

She touched her stomach, Silently and gently, Speaking in a low undertone to her unborn baby. Mommy loves you baby. You are my everything. Baby woke up and kicked a little, Like saying - I love you too Mommy. She smiled sweetly. She pressed a flutter of kisses to the stomach. Weeks passed, Every day Baby... Continue Reading →

No to Valentines!

Another Valentine's is upon us. I just act like the day does not exist every year, I do not celebrate nor believe in the day. But I have no problem with people doing that, everyone views things differently right? That is what makes us all unique. I bury my head in the sand every year... Continue Reading →

Almost 30!

So thirty I hear you calling me. You will be calling me in less than 24hrs! I am just numb now, the challenge is accepted but, its just like its happening to someone else. Is it happening to me? Of course it is, but I'm there thinking okay... It is happening, and I am apparently... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Life

Do you know that just by being alive today, you are a miracle? Have you sat down and wondered how many people did not get up today? How many people will not even see the sun set on today? Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year you are alive is a blessing. It is... Continue Reading →

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